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 Name of the Organization / Institute / Department
1.  Addresses of National Institutes and Others pdf(Size: 25.3 KB)
2.  Chief and State Commissioners Offices for Disabilities pdf (Size:13.6KB)
3.  Child Guidance Centre pdf (Size: 7.85 KB)
4.  Composite Regional Centers for Persons with Disabilities (CRC's) pdf(Size: 8.0 KB)
5.  District Disabilities Rehabilitation Centres (DDRC's) pdf (Size: 20.7 KB)
6.  District Rehabilitation Centres (DRC's) pdf (Size: 8.0 KB)
7.  Human Resource Development Centres (HRD)pdf (Size: 25.4 KB)
8.  Integrated Schools pdf (Size: 16.3 KB)
9.  NHFDCs Channeling Agencies / Counselling Centrespdf (Size: 13.1 KB)
10.  North Eastern Statespdf (Size: 29.2 KB)
11.  Organizations Offering Consultancy / Counselling Servicespdf (Size: 8.29 KB)
12.  Parent Organizations pdf (Size: 47.0 KB)
13.  Spastic Societiespdf (Size: 6.89 KB)
14.  Special Schools List (Directory of Institutions 2002)pdf (Size: 398 KB)

 State Social Welfare Departmentspdf (Size: 9.54 KB)


 Vocational Rehabilitation Centres (VRC's) pdf (Size: 11.0 KB)

17.  Autism Organizations in India pdf (Size: 20.9 KB)
18.  Administrative Heads of Districts pdf (Size: 126 KB)
19.  Central Coordinators Committee members for PWD pdf (Size: 13.2 KB)
20.  Mailing list Categories pdf (Size: 6.55 KB)
21.  Otherspdf (Size: 21.0 KB)
22.  Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan pdf (Size: 19.7 KB)
23.  Universitiespdf (Size: 37.6 KB)













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